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Top Questions to Ask a Landlord Before Renting an Apartment

Renting provides you with a home without any of the burdens of homeownership. You can change apartments whenever you want and there’s no burden of accountability either. However, whether you are relocating for work, trying out a new city, or simply downsizing, apartment hunting can be a strenuous task. After all, there are so many things you need to consider while looking for ideal home rentals. Some of the most important ones include the budget, location, neighborhood, and amenities, among other things.

However, if you want to make sure that the potential property is a perfect place to call home, ask the landlords a few important questions before signing the lease. It will give you a better insight into the area, the property, and, most importantly, the people you will be dealing with during your tenancy. In this blog, we will discuss some of the top questions you’ll need to ask the landlord during your house-hunting process.

Key Questions to Ask a Landlord Before Renting an Apartment

Questions You Need to Ask a Landlord Before Renting an Apartment

Should you want to avoid making the mistake of choosing the wrong place to rent, don’t forget to ask the landlords some key questions before you sign on the dotted line. Some of them have been mentioned below.

  • How much is the security deposit? Is it refundable?

Tenants need to pay a deposit amount to their landlords before they move into a rented property. A landlord usually charges between one to six months of rent as a deposit, depending on the location of the property, amenities in the house, and furnishings. So, before renting an apartment, make sure the security deposit is within your budget and is refundable. Also, check the conditions for your security deposit’s return and ask for a receipt for any fees paid.

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  • Can I sublet my apartment?

Some landlords prohibit subleases. So, if you have any plans to sublet your apartment, don’t forget to ask this question before signing the lease. Remember, subletting your apartment without obtaining the consent of the landlord provides a ground for eviction of the tenant.

  • What’s included in the rent?

Many tenants choose rental properties based on the factors like their budget, location, and neighborhood. And when they hear that a property is available that perfectly meets their preferences, they instantly decide to take it up. But, that’s completely wrong! Before renting a property, you need to know what’s included in the rent. For instance, if you live in Kelowna or nearby areas and are looking for Kelowna rental properties, ask the landlord about the amenities that are included in the rent. Some landlords ask the tenants to pay extra for utilities such as water, electricity, air conditioning, and more. This way you’ll be able to avoid unexpected expenses.

  • Does the property have parking?

Questions like “Does the property have a private driveway?”, “Do I have to pay for parking?” can help you decide whether the property is ideal for you. So, ask your landlord if you will need a resident’s parking permit or if the property comes with a parking space.

  • How often are the locks changed?

Asking about an apartment’s locks may not be the first question that comes to your mind, but it shouldn’t be overlooked. Why? Well, that’s because if the locks are not changed often, there is a chance that old tenants might have the access to your rental. So, request your landlord to replace the locks before you live in. This way, you will have the peace of mind that nobody else has the access to your house.

The Bottom Line:

Apart from these, there are many other questions that you can ask the landlord during your house-hunting process. You can ask them if there’s a penalty for breaking any clause, the payment methods for the rent, pet policy, and more. Should you be looking for a company that offers the best rental relocation services and can help you find the best home rentals at affordable rates, get in touch with us. At Homefinders, we offer the largest selection of rental properties that fit your particular needs and preferences. To know more about our services, call 250-899-8133.

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